Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Featured Solider -#2-

This time we have our very own Mipedian Lieutenant, Jorre.

Jorre kicks butt in nearly any deck. Yes Xelfe does come with more counters, but his ability is cumulative, in other words his gets smaller each time you use it, whilst Jorre's doesn't. Plus even in a pure Mepedian Deck she can still give Swift 1 and Range, not as good as Xelfe, but then if also put Xelfe in that deck, you can just use his counters for things like Song of Deflection. Here is an example of a pure deck that can use Jorre.

1. Iflar / Obliterators
2. Owayki / Viledriver
3. Prince Mundeenu COTG / Obliterators
4. Jorre / WEVessel
5. Xelfe / MBFlute
6. Xelfe / MBFlute

- Song of Delflection
- Fighter's Fanfare
-2x Fanfare of the Vanishing
-2x Melody of Mirage

Locations and atacks would be anything to do with Fire and or Air

So as you can see now you can pack in those awesome high cost Mipedian Mugics and still use Jorre's counters for her ability twice!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

CCampaign Exclusive

This video (even though I don't say it in the video) Is a CCampaigns exclusive!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Here is a new deck I've just recently completed



This is the new home of my blog that was formerly on Chaotic Insider. The reason I moved is not because of my dislike of Chaotic Insider, In fact I really like the blog, It's how I got my start, but the sad thing that I can't post videos, urls and etc. freely, which is a hindrance to both me and my b log readers, so I feel this is much more convenient, because now I can post things while I'm on the road too, which tends to happen often. Soi here is to the start of something that can hopefully catch on!