Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quelling Rumors


There. Happy? No? How do I know this?

Yes it is entirely true that 4KidsTV is dropping Chaotic (the TV series) But that doesn't mean the Show, nor the game will be disappearing anytime soon.

How many different cartoon studios do you know of? I can't list them all thats for sure. THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM!. And one of them I am sure is willing to buy/take Chaotic from 4KidsTV to continue the show.

Now for the game. The only conection to the game that 4KidsTV actually had was simply influencing it to be a childrens card game, The story (Not Tom, Kaz and ect.) Is driven by TC Digital Entertainment. This means that they have full control over the game. THEY WILL NOT DROP THE GAME.

Oh and BTW sorry for recent inactivities.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kerberos... Now on DeviantArt!

Yup I'ma now on Deviant art with an account so I can actually post pictures that I draw up so you guys can see 'em, My user name on DeviantArt is Kerberos-Chaotic

It won't embed so here is a linnk instead ( Lol a rhyme)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Featured Soldier -March 3-

So I have been once again really busy, that and My computer is in the shop so I have been using my mom's laptop... Anyway!

Well I feel this really needs to be brought to attention. I played about 3 or 4 Warbeast decks yesterday... And they ALL SUCKED. I mean they had Blaz Kileron and Glost, One even had Khorror instead of Glost! It was just too easy to slip by them. Warbeast players, believe it or not. Actually NEED to play defensively. Yes use those huge Warbeast as defensive creatures. Don't ever move all of your Warbeasts so that they can't defend! Especially if you are playing any form of a revival deck!!!! Now the reason I chose Gaffat-ra Because he is a prime example of the warbest that should stay behind with the conjours, even if he loses he still saved the conjouror and now you have time to react and save most if not all of your conjourors.