Friday, January 29, 2010

Featured Soldier -Jan 29-

Well... I havn't done one in a WHILE... But Finals are now over for me, so you'll be seeing a bit more of me around. My life has finally begun to slow down thankfully. Moving on! This Featured Soldier is one of my Personal Favorite Mipedians, scratch that, Favorite Creatures, Ever.


Yup, Grantkae! I love this guy, Awesome in every way! Good Mipedian stats, High Speed and Good energy, he comes with Air and a Mugic counter! But that is not my reason for this guy winning the title of my personal favourite. He gives Massive boosts to your other creatures, not like the other generals, which first requires something or only boost them-self. Gorram, yes he does give the other creatures a boost, but only if a creature of the right tribe is in your discard pile. Barrath, requires a sacrifice and then boosts himself. Tangath is like Grantkae in that he just needs them to be there, but he only boosts himself. THAT is why I have always Liked Grantkae better than the other generals. Not Because he is a Mipedian. Though that is a nice touch. :P

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey remember that Contest?

Well I have Finally Decided to end it!

... Wait you forgot to hand it in...

Well, If you want to you can submit an article to me ANYTIME! Yup If it is good enough I may let you become an author on this blog along side myself and Rooster5man... Oh I didn't tell you who won yet did I? Well It's our Very Own Rooster5man! He did one of his very clever and explanatory reveiws on on of my decks that I did on CTV, he even went far enough to create a deck list of it!

Rooster5man, PM on Chaotic with your Email that you use to make an account here on Blog spot and I'll add you to the Author list!

Here is the Article that he submitted.

Heat of the Desert(by Kerberos)


1) Owayki/Phoenix Belt
2) Iflar/Warriors of Owayki
3) Owayki/Phoenix Belt
4) Xelfe/Mipedian Balladeers' Flute
5) Xelfe/Mipedian Balladeers' Flute
6) Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the Arts(OR Prince Mudeenu Champion of the Guard)/Bi-Mowercycle

After hearing Kerb's (LONG) explanation on BattleGear and Creatures, I'd have to say he made very good choices of having Phoenix Belt on Owayki, and since he's Sacrificing Gear, even if he doesn't have a Bodal's Arsenal, Owayki's Power will go to Iflar anyway. And besides that, Kerb mentioned something I didn't even know till now: It's "Mipedians you Control," not just the Equipped Creature! Makes it great for any kind of extra-Mugic Counters Army. And besides that, it's flipped facedown at the end of Combat, but there's still the possibility of an Ozlai's Wreck since Headmaster's "Untargetable" doesn't cover your Creature's BattleGear(unless I'm mistaken). Still, a very rare occurance.

Then you have 8 counters as Hybrid, and then Range on Headmaster for Defending the Xelfe's(even though he has low Energy). It's still pretty awesome. Great choices of Creatures and BattleGear.

Song of Shelter x2
Melody of Mirage x2
Strain of Expensive Delusions
Fanfare of the Vanishing

Again, even listening to Kerb's long speech, I liked these Mugic before he explained them. Why, you ask? Well, it's Mugic from BEFORE the Invasion, you don't see that anymore, Melody of Mirage is always a great one(even though the OverWorld now has Symphony of Shielding), Strain of Expensive Delusions can always get rid of a pesky Mirage(AKA Mipedim Mirage) and Fanfare of the Vanishing gives you Strike 15 for ONE Counter! Very good Mugic, you don't even need to double-check them!

Turbulence Funnel x2
Velocitrap x2
Poison Steam x2
Meditative Leap x2
Obscuring Winds x2
Synaptic Acceleration x2
Airsault x2
Academy Strike x2
Atmosfear x2
Poison Sphere x2

Great attacks. I like the idea of recycling through your Attack Deck for better attacks, really good choice, AND you get to do 10 base damage while you're at it! You can always skip the 100 Speed boost with Obscuring Winds if you've already used it once, which is also a great choice. The only Attack I don't really like is Poison Steam, but you can always skip it with the 4 Attack Recyclers.

Broken Edge x2
Mipedim Lounge x2
Mipedim Mirage x2
Mipedim Oasis x2
Mipedim Valley x2

I also like the Valley(and nice choice of all Mipedim Locations, haha). There could be a downside with Lounge, but there's always the risk that you could get 10 additional damage too, so why not? You could always play Strain to get rid of it(with the risk of destroying your own BattleGear). Very good Locations.

As always, Kerb has a lot of Originality to what kind of Army to make, he always finds great Combos to use(that Warriors of Owayki might be tough to beat, unless there's a Discord of Disarming. Even so, he's got a lot of Strike to watch out for).

I give it a 10/10. There's nothing he hasn't thought of that could make this Army beat, even with the downside of the Lounge (which might not even be drawn at all!).


Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm not going to be very active soon...

Why... Welll I'm in High school right... and semester 1 is ending friday.... That's right... finals.... FINALS! ARGH I know, I don't like it either, it's one week of H***, but I'll truck through and once (since we can get recommended not to write a final, but we have to write two no matter what) I finish my exams I will be able to have some free time in there somewhere, so I'll make a deck FOR SURE!

Just one quick question.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is the Metagame... Exactly?

Well? ...

What is it? Hmm?

No answer? Not Easy to Define is it?

I said the same thing, but then I found this statement by somebody somewhere.

“The metagame refers to the game universe outside of the game itself.”

Now what does that mean? Gawd All of these questions! Well what the above quote means is that the metagame is anything that affects the game, that shouldn’t. So for example, Hikeda and I are having a match, and In the terms of the game, I should have no preconception of to what kind of deck Hikeda will use, but since I know the guy fairly well ( as well as you can through skype and an internet card game :P) I know that he will probably use Underworlders. And from my knowledge of underworlders I know that they are usually high damage dealing decks, so therefore I have a small understanding of what style Hikdea might play.

QUICK, Think of what Deck Hikeda will play, Creatures, EVERYTHING!


You thought of a typical Burn Deck Right? Don’t lie. You probably did, Don’t worry EVERYONE did. So I just thought of what deck Hikeda will play. So I can already assume a way to counter-act it, like for example, With massive healing, or a mugic negation deck.

Now this is ALL happening before I even started the Match! I could be completely and utterly wrong and he could use one of Keekers’ overworld decks.

My point here... Try to avoid the metagame ENTIRELY! In otherwords, try your absolute hardest, everytime you go into a match to have no preconceptions of what deck the opposition will be useing. Now that is not saying Don’t go in expecting nothing. Just expect anything!

Just try this next time you play your best friend and you’ll be surprised at how different you’ll play.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Remember that contest I put out a month ago, This one --> THIS ONE

Yeah that's still on. I'll give it about a week and right now I only about three entries, so... Yeah...