Sunday, August 30, 2009

CCampaigns Tourney: The Continuing Onsluaght

Well that stinks PCShark dropped out... Good luck with your Wrist dood.

Anyways with that happening, Since we now have only six players, there will be no more buy...

So here are the current point standings

Hotshot4848 -- 3points
Wagnerl ------- 3points
MandibleMuge- 0Points

Psydude22 gets the points from the buy and aRawrg since his opponent quit.

So the match ups for round three are

Hotshot4848 vs Wagnerl
Psydude22 vs aRawrg
MandibleMuge vs Daedw1

NOW REMEMBER! Please take a screenshot, this is the best form of proof that you won, but if both people PM me with the winner, that is acceptable.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

CCampaigns Tournament : Open Fire

All Entries are now being refused as of today at noon *relevant to your time zone* And currently we have 7 players... This means no top 8... Instead it will be a top 4! We will still play 3 Swiss rounds giving everyone a fair chance at the prizes! Please us the chat-box to plan for the match-ups. I will give one week for the matches to be completed. I am also going to make everyone report in each day. This is to make sure that you are at least trying to match up against your opponent. So also since we only have 7 players this means that one person will have to sit out each round on something called a "buy". If your get the Buy, your are given points as if you had won the match. and you will be paired up against someone next round. So with that here are the match ups!

Wagnerl vs. daedw1
MandibleMuge vs Hotshot4848
PCShark11 vs aRawg
Psydude22 gets the buy

Please make sure you take a sceenie of your win! and that you PM it to me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

CCampaigns Tournament : Join the Fight

Alright then I'm holding a tournament! Right from CCampaigns, rather than on the forums, easier to follow then! Just So you guys know I do have Prizes, In fact I have 3 super rare, unentered codes sitting in front of me. The Three are Vidav MS, Magmon R and Gigantroper, though these are subject to change throughout the durration of the tourney, due to the pulling of more supers. This is a full fledged tourneyment, in other words, just like one that you would go to in real life, but Played online instead. This means that we will be playing Swiss style. And if we have more than eight people playing that will lead to a top eight match. The prize structer will be as follows...

Format: 6v6 Masters (pad)

1st place - Super rare of choice (from the 3) and two random rare codes
2nd Place - Super rare of choice (from the remaining two after winners choice)
3rd Place - The last of the three Super rares
Top 8 (only if we get more than Eight people) - A random rare or OP (while supplies last :P)
For Participating - a Common card of choice, So long as I have it. This will be distributed at the end of round two.

So sign up in one of three ways.
1) E-mail me at
2)Via PM on Chaotic
3) Here, but remember that here is open for everyone to see and I will not hide it for you.

When you send in your request to join the tournament you must do two things. Firstly you must send a COMPLETE deck list. I will look at the deck list and compare it to the current bug out there, if it does not meet requirements I will notify you and you will have make the according changes. One the tourney has started your decks are "locked". I will go by your word that you will not make any changes to your deck. But if you are caught you will be kicked out from the tourney, not get any prizes and not be aloud to participate within any activitys on my site anymore. So please do not modify your deck after the end of the first round. Thank you. Secondly please When you E-mail/ PM me put the word somewhre in there, Boogity Boogity, Tis sounds weird I know, but this ensures that you are reading the rules. Now during a match if you are battling someone and a glitch occurs, please imediatly take a picture. Do not get mad at them and call thema cheat. Why? Because this means this is a new bug because it has made it through my screening system, so they are at no fault. The match shall become a draw and both players awarded points, and the glitched deck will be allowed to be modifyed, or in some cases changed entirely.

If there are any Questions as to the the tournament, please leave a comment.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Co-ordinated Stikes

Alright, If you any attention to the Army builds section of the forums, you may have noticed that I had a Deck called Gorram's Offence up there. After I built that Deck I wanted to build a Deck for each General In where combat is mainly focused on them. For TTOG and BBUG it will be easy, but for Grantkae and Gorram that is a challenge, one I arose to and built one around my new Gorram! So for the next week or so I will build a Deck for each General, in which they are offensive creatures.

First I post the Gorram on that was on the forums

Co-ordinated Strike: Gorram's Offence


1.Neekwin with Obliterators
2.Gorram Danian General with Elementist Pauldrons
3.Neekwin with Obliterators
4.Epitrinne with a Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5.Ragetrod with a Bronze flight
6. Either Vidav MS of Najarin FF with a MBFlute

2x Melody of the Meek
2x Nourishing Nocturne
(If VMS) 2x Cadence Clash
(If NFF) 2x Refrain of Denial

(If VMS)2x Quarters of the Quartet
(If NFF) 2x Storm Tunnel Flooding
2x Rao'Pa Sahkk Chimegrid
2x Gorram's Briefing
2x Kiru City Tunnels
1x Darkened Dunes
1x Dranakis Threshold

2x Innerflood
2x Poison Steam
2x Liquescent Swirl
2x Flying Advantage
2x Inferno Gust
2x Confusion
2x Clashjet
2x Directed Bravery
2x Whirlwind Scythes
2x Plasmarrow

So first off... DO NOT ENGAGE GORRAM YOURSELF... Sorry caps... XP. Anyways, yeah Gorram should only play defense, UNLESS the Darkened Dunes come up and his gear is face and either Ragetrod or Epitrinne is still around and you can hit a weak mugic-user... that is a lot of requirements, but you catch my drift. Epitrinne and Ragetrod are for Sacrificing purposes only. Now the the whole Vidav or Najarin thing goes like this. if you use Vidav, you can use Vidav's ability (when Quarters of the Quartet comes up) to compensate for the sacrificing you have done, so that you have four tribes and you gain "untargetable by opponents". If you play Najarin... That is pretty Basic. Gain a crap load of counters and use 'em


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anyone Can Post now!

Now anyone out in the audience can comment so please feel free!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From the Grave

This deck is highly experimental... as in I have never actually built it... But I have been playing around with the idea. So this deck is all about... err.. Reusing and recycling I suppose. So here we go.

1.Brimflame with Algal wings of attraction
2.Nunkworn with Chime shard or if online Chance Shard.
3.Brimeflame with Whepcrack
4.AerDak with a MBFlute
5.AerDak with a MTFork
6.Jorre with a Whepcrack

What? a Whepcrack? on Jorre?

-Nourishing Nocturne
-Psionic Serenade
-Song of revival UW
-Tune of Xerium
-Tonal Destrucion
-Denial refrian of the deep

So the rest is really up to you, Fire and Air related stuff!


Oh what? you wanna know how this works.... Fine. :P

So Nunk and the Brimflames are your main fighters. So you wanna get rid of the the first one (Algal wings one) ASAP without Sacrificing him, use this chance to cycle you attack deck to get a good hand, then play as normal, defend your back creatures right then when they have just finished their first (or second if they went first) after they attack and if there is an open spot next to one of there support creature revive Brimflame and use Xerium by sacing Jorres whepcrack and giving it to Brimflame! then move in full force! and if Nunk is ever going to die, use Tonal to bring him down to 3 counters and volia he comes back!

Now the rest is really up to you though!