Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Battle Plans : Tactical Positioning

So I'm back for a bit! And I'm starting a new series of articles that I hope catches on!

So What I plan to achieve with this series of articles is to cover topics about the Chaotic battlefield from specifics like today's topic, Tactical positioning, to much more vague things like plain ol' movement. The idea is give players, new and old, more things to think bout when playing.

So tactical positioning (I'm going to shoten it to TPing, for now xD) is basically my strongest virtue when playing chaotic. Basiclly the idea behind TPing is to line up your creatures to force you opponent to move somewhere they don't want to, or to attack with a creature they'd rather not attack with. It is also used defensively. A huge example is warbeasts an conjourors. You have be able to move your warbeasts so they can defend your conjourors AND attack your opponents at the same time. This is a bit of a challenge, but trust me after losing a dozen or so matches in a row, you begin to learn tricks that help not only with a Wabeast deck, but every other deck too. If you have ever played against one of my warbeast decks, you may notice how I move all of my creatures nearly every single turn. This is because I am trying to keep my Conjourors (or Mugicians in some cases) Whilst keeping the pressure on you to defend your own

So lets put a scenario up (This is something that I may do with each article as well)

Keep this map, per-say, in mind


You are playing a powerful Warbest army and your just won the first battle descisively, defending your spot as it was their turn. The creature in one of the D,E or F spots is coded. So now it is your turn and you move one of the Warbeasts in Spot 1,2 or 3 to attack one of the two creatures left in your opponents front row, you win leaving one more of their front row creatures left. Now you have a choice you can take another warbeast from your front row and and put on the pressure by having 2 warbeast on the offense and 1 on the defense, or you can leave it as is with 2 defending and 1 attacking. Which do you think is smarter? Answer in the comments below please.

So I hope you enjoyed this article and I plan to cover many topics about playing Chaotic with new and different ideas. If you have any suggestions on topics you want me to cover, once again leave a comment below.