Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Featured Soldier -Apr. 20th-

Sorry it's been a while. Life is still really busy for me, plus injuries to my wrist don't make it easy to type >_<. AnyWho I want to generate a heated discussion, so here is my pitch to you guys. I'm going to through up a creature! This week...

Kalt?! Yes Kalt. I think that this guy is EXTREMLY tactical in ANY deck that has an elementist that needs an element and with things like Inner Flood and Na-inna (for Mixed deck users like me) He makes it easy for you to gain elements, just be sure to check that your creature types are elementists. Then if you want to get reall fancy you can go 3v3 and have two Kalts boost each other! Hows that for spiffy! Be creative with this guy! Keep an eye out for this guy in an upcoming deck video ;) ... Yup I just need to get my Video editing software working and it'll be good! You guys will hear so much from me you'll be sick of me before you know it!