Friday, February 19, 2010

Featured Soldier -Feb. 19th-

Sorry I went inactive again. Life decided to play rough on me. Any way This weeks Soldier is...!

Blaaxa! Now Why Blaaxa? Well I don't see a very good use for him if he isn't brainwashed. So lets brainwash him *makes weird noises* There we go! So look at that ability... What is a Generic Mugic you ALL hate being played on you and that 95% of decks use? Cadence Clash? Thought so. Has it clicked yet? No? Well Brainwashed creatures can only play Generic mugic so if any of your creatures have mugic counters they could play it AFTER you negate your opponents Cadence Clash, with one of you copies by simply revealing it to them. I think that is a pretty sweet idea, eh?