Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Well Hows evertone doing? Sorry I haven't been on much, that is because I'm in Hawaii!!! I have been so Busy here that I haven't much time to devote to the site. So I do apologize and I hope that you guys understand.

I will post codes up when I get back home in a couple of weeks. But as of right now I have no codes to give. I do promise to give them though


Monday, December 14, 2009

Episodes 4 and 5

Since you guys asked oh so nicely :P

Just kidding, I recenly wiped my whole comp[uter to install a few new parts. I now have a top notch gmaing computer! It has a 5770 Radion Graphics card, i7 Intel Core Quad prosesor, and 4 GB of RAM! wOOp!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Article contest in full swing still!

Keep sending in those articles people as I only have About three and I plan on closing the contest in early January! Probably around the 13th!

Also do you guys like the festivities?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fire And Stone Preveiw!

Say What? How Did Kerberos Get his Hand on THREE FaSt cards? With the 2009 wave 2 tins of course! =)

Well I won't Blaber To Long... So here they are !


(Click For a MASSIVE Version)

WHAT IS THIS MADNESS! A creature whom can stop MY Mipedians Invisibilty with the flick of a wrist. Blasphemy! Blasphemy I say! :P But Bidua here shows us that the Tribal Allicane Is Sincerially gone, bringing back the creatures that can counteract a single tribe. I don't think you guys can tell from this picture... but it appears that On his shoulder is the Chaotic Symbol. O.o


(Click For a MASSIVE Version)

Honestly I go "Meh" when I saw this guy.... He HAS to be engaged to use his ability. So He loses earth.... Well mine has 75 CRG. I have no idea whether or not that is Average, so If it is min. and Riggan's Max is 95. Well that would be much better. Nice Energy and a Mugic counter though so, He is OK I suppose

Silchaw's Mine

(Click For a MASSIVE Version)

So I'm pretty Sure this is the First Location previewed for FaSt... and if ever Location is this awesome... Well We are All Gonna have some Sweet Location Decks very soon! This is Practically Xerium Armour for Earthen Creatures only... WOW! Need I say Much more. Besides... Location Reordering?

I hope you guys Enjoyed this... Remember about that contest though ;)