Friday, September 10, 2010

Battle Plans : Attack Balancing

Well... I know I said I'd try to post more, but my senior year hit me like a brick wall :S

Moving back to todays topic! Attack balancing.

Now what is it exactly?

Attack Balancing is simply being able to carefully ballance your attacks between high damage or long duration battles. What I mean by those is for high damage, of course, means dealling as much damage as possible in one foul swoop. On the flip-side there are those long drawn out battles too that you need to last in.

First we will cover the high damage aspect of attack balancing.

I personally love this playing style. It's how I am. And everyone plays differently. Coming back to the topic, high damage doesn't sound to hard does it? Stick two Super-cooled rain in there and BLAMO! That's actually not entirely true. Sure that does work, but the you have 10 more Build Points for 18 more cards, not to good is it? So a better idea is to look at your deck and play on those stregths obviously, so if say you have my personal favorite Blazvatan =D he has Air and earth 5, so that makes a 3BP attack called Whirling winds do as much damage as the 5BP Super-cooled rain. Conserving BP? I think so. *insert lame British Petrolium joke here* Not you can't always use an awesome creature like Blazvatan. But the main Idea is to balance your weak and strong attacks. My hard hitting deck is balanced like so -> 2 3BP cards, 4 2BP cards, 6 1BP cards 8 0BP cards. Balancing one similarilly is probably agood idea. Not I'm not discouraging you from trying a deck with Super-cooled rain. Another good thing to do is pack attacks like Twister of elements or Squeeze play in order to sort through your deck and pluck out all of the weak little 0BP cards. Then packing a Vial of liquid thought to recycle a weak attack in your hand for that super strong attack you just played. There are many ways to work with the 0BP cards! Find 'em and please be creative =D

That was long-winded... Though nothing compaired to Kirean2 >_>

Now the long term balancing.

The long term balancing is more directed at Danians and Overworlders, since they tend to stay alive the longest xD. A long term battle deck usually consists of LOTS of 1 BP attack cards and are usually balanced like so -> 2-4 2BP cards, 2-4 0BP cards, the rest are 1BP. I sadly can't say too much for long-term decks, becasue I play Mipedians. Now the attacks of a long term deck should actually try to deal as much consistant damage as possible. Why? Everybody has had their one REALLY powerful attack that would win the battle countered by a Meldoy of Mirage and then they draw nothing for the rest of the battle, so the plus side to long-term decks is that they aren't really effected by this. Why? Well if everyone of your attacks deals 15-20 damage and they are at 15 and use melody of mirage your attack, it doesn't really matter since you have another 15-20 damage attack waiting in you hand and deck! =D

So I hope enjoyed or even understood the point I was trying to get across. I also do not say one style is better over the other, they are both equally effective.

Questions, leave a comment below.

*out breath, my fingers and fore-arms hurt and I've re-typed every word at least once due to exhaustion D=*