Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling EVIL! *With a small Kerb History leason*

I feel a little Underworldish lately...



Maybe it's that oldfeeling that I had when I used to play hardcore Underworld =D. Just as a cool fact Before the game game actually came out they lent us these printable demo decks one OW and one UW that you could use to try the game (since the game wasn't set up online yet) So me and a friend printed them off stuck them in some sleeves with Magic cards as support xD. I played OW and he play UW. Yes that is right I started off playing Overworlders. but the day that the game came out was the day a girl I liked asked me to goto a dance (This was back in like grade 9 xD) So I couldn't get the cards so my friend offered to pick them up and I told him to get me a deck and 3 packs. I thought he would give me the OW deck since he knew I liked Overworlders.... Nope he gave the Underworld deck! *sigh* W/e I was still better than him xD. My friend sadly no longer plays (NOT DUE TO F&S IF I MAY ADD).


So anywho! Today's Deck!!!!

Title : Insert Creative name here.


1. Kiru w/ The Doomhammer or Whep crack (If Chaor TF doesn't have one)
2. Chaor TF w/ Whep crack or Scarab of Khilai
3. Cerbie w/ Whep crack
4. Kopond (original) w/ Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5. Magmon Engulfed w/ Bronzeflight
6. Nivenna UW Lt. w/ Mipedian Balladeer's flute

- 2x Cannon of casulty
- 2x Cadence Clash
- Strain of Ash
- Consuming Cacophony

-2x Lavapond
-2x Stone Pillar
-2x The pitts
-2x Underworld Collusseum
-Underworld City
-Wooden Pillar (Only have one UW City T-T)

-2x Magma Might
-2x Flame Orb
-2x Force Strike
-2x Gladiator's Fire
-2x Consuming Flame
-2x Fire Ring
-2x Combustion Carnage
-2x Smokesurge
-2x Flame Bloom
-2x Flying advantage

So I'm REALLY tired right now I don't feel up to typing all of reason for including certain cards in this deck, so if you have any questions or advice (since I'm not all that good at UW..) Feel free to leave a comment below, no loggin is required to post comments, just be sure to leave your name in the post somewhere so I know who I'm talking to xD



  1. Cerbie! I love it! lol Such a classic feel to the deck, infact I think this deck would be awesome in what i'm calling the "standard tier" of decks. This is by no mean meta, but could be awesome to play in. If you don't know what I mean, check out my post in general chat. I have link to it on my blog. We need to bring the community back to chaotic.

    Very nice to see a classic deck like this being made. Oh, an how did things turn out at that dance?

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  3. ^^^ Lol Whoops thats not what I wanted to do xD

    Thanks Hikeda! I'll check out your topic on Chaotic for sure!

    As for the dance .... Oh god that was a couple years ago xD Nothing came out of it if thats what you're wondering :P

  4. Not by, I like the concept, the attack is quite unique, and I very much enjoy it!
    Welcome back... People aren't posting on their blogs as they used too... *sigh*

    Interested in a Roto nivenna kerb?

  5. hey guys! nice history kerb. since chaotic came out on the same day that girl asked you out, maybe chaotic is a lucky thing for yuh! anyway i definetly like the mix of first and last, the mix of classic and new. definetly feels cool when your playin. i think it would be awesome if your featured cards were all classic for a while.

    PS:i also think more kerb history would be cool too :P.
    ---Blizzy B

  6. I have an RotO Nivenna to trade in case anyone cares xD.

    Really nice Army, seems pretty familiar nowadays.

  7. normally i would have it like this
    1-4 build p attack
    3-2 build p attacks
    8-1 build p attacks
    6-0 build p attacks