Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slowing to a crawl

Sadly no new set has been released in while and Chaotic is slowing to a crawl. I'm not quitting by no means. I love playing Chaotic. But lately there isn't a whole lot of fun to be had. There a no new cards and there are a lot of bugs still out there. If the could clear 50% of the bugs I would be a happy guy and I would be able to build some new decks to show you guys. But sadly I can't build new decks without new cards. So until either they fix eough bugs or a new set comes out I probably won't be posting any new blog entries.


I am not quiting And in fact I will still be around. I hope to also be more active in the community, particularily in the army creations sub-forum.



  1. At least It is still fun, and they are eventually coming out with cards, even though the new packs were supose to come out like febuary. It is indeed "crawling". The show is about done, Theres a bunch of bugs, and no anticipated new cards, so I would say crawling is a good term. At least there's still lots of fun with the existing cards. I admit I got bored last month actually, and I didn't play for all of may. But I made new decks and new strategies, so I got back on, and it's fun once again.

  2. i heard the new packs are coming in july or in december

  3. blargers said the show didn't end, its just on hold.

  4. Robert, don't get your hopes up if it doesn't. Seems it won't come out till next year...

    And Kerb, you have some major Chatbox cleaning up to do (look for yourself on the side).

    Congrats on being CBT last year though ;). Cya around.